The Demon of Dol Deil

An Unquiet Memorial

After their dealings with Nanren and Skwelch, Okan and Aizar recuperated in Dragonsbrink before going looking for more adventure. Aizar spent a week helping the Eagles Unbound trying to track down the spread of the blights. She got no leads, but they appreciated her help nonetheless. Okan went looking for a magical sword, but found a pair of Message Stones instead.

The pair heard rumours: Melton was still tormented by goblin raiders; the town of Dol Deil was experiencing disturbances in the run-up to the festival of its patron saint; and the owner of a local mine was looking for people to investigate the sudden lack of contact with the venture. The pair decided to investigate the second set of rumours. After travelling for a few days, they reached the town of Dol Deil, on the edge of the ancient and malicious "Dol Gashlak", or Wailing Wood.

They made themselves known to the Lord Protector of the town, a halfling woman named Liberty Deil. She informed them that people had been going missing around the town, and livestock had been turning up mutilated. The townsfolk were starting to get twitchy, especially since the feast-day of their founding saint, San Rossa, was approaching, during which time the new Lord Protector would be elected. Liberty Deil offered them a reward for getting to the bottom of the mystery, and when pressed reluctantly admitted to the presence of a local legend about a "Terror". She didn't put much stock in it, due to the expertise of the people who kept the town safe.

Aizar and Okan investigated a couple of leads, and ended up staking out a set of fields outside town. There they were attacked by a Death Dog and Displacer Beast. They managed to beat the creatures with the intervention of Osa Odah, the Acolyte of Pelor.

The next day, their investigations led them to an old graveyard to the northwest of town, where they confronted the ghost of a necromancer named Alberich Grimstone. The wraith told them that the Terror existed, and was in fact San Rossa. The man had infuriated a priestess of Shah just before he died, and she had cursed him to rise every 50 years or so and wander the fields near Dol Deil, killing everything he found.

The party found San Rossa's grave, partially opened, and laid in wait for the creature to return at dawn. It did, in the form of a powerful Ghoul known as a Ghast. The party killed it and took its body to the Lord Protector. She thanked them and now owes them a favour in return for their silence on the true nature of the Demon of Dol Deil.

Leads and Things:


Okan - 2,915 (!)
Aizar – 3,730


Eagles Unbound: Favour (1, personal, Aizar)

Dol Deil:
A small trading town about 800 strong, Dol Deil sits within bowshot of the formidable forest known as the Wailing Wood. It largely exists as a trading hub, where people stop off before heading to Dragonsbrink or back west to the Stretch. It also has a thriving trade in timber and magical herbs tentatively sourced from the edge of the Wailing Wood.
Contact: Lord Protector Liberty Deil
Favour: 1 (party)



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